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Corporate Wellbeing Programmes


The stressors of modern work environment can have an impact on employees physical & mental wellbeing .

In order to avoid burnout, it is important that the Employees take time off for themselves to unplug, reflect, refocus and rejuvenate so that they can remain focused and motivated.


What we offer?

We, at Aash Creations believe in John Dewy's theory of 'learning by doing'. Our workshops are experiential, reflective and creative; and is designed around the wellbeing PERMA Model developed by positive psychologist Martin Seligman.

We work with our clients closely to understand their requirements to customise the programes. The programmes can be delivered as a stand alone workshop or a series of sessions clubbed with one to one coaching.

The focus of our wellbeing programmes is to support employees to understand themselves better, develop coping mechanisms and refocus to achieve their aspirations and goals using unique creative processes.

Few Curated Themes are:

  • Self Discovery for Emotional Wellbeing: Build emotional awareness, Understand personal strengths & Gain clarity on priorities.

  • Emotional Regulation: Explore emotions, Understand triggers & Build coping skills.

  • Positive thinking practice: Focus on your strengths, Focus on things that you can control. Practice Gratitude.

  • Creative Journaling for Self-care.

  • Mindfulness using creative tools.

  • Managing Stress.

  • Breaking & Building Habits.

  • Discovering Meaning & Purpose.

  • Building Resilience.

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