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Individual Online Sessions

  • Dealing with stress & anxiety?

  • Feeling overwhelmed?

  • Stuck in the loop of overthinking?

  • Unable to take decisions?

  • Suffering from self-doubt?

  • Going through life challenges?

  • Need to break unhelpful habits?

Work with our experts  to understand yourselves better, overcome challenges and develop healthy coping mechanism.

  • What's unique about our coaching /therapy sessions?

Our sessions are individualised. Based on client needs and interest, the tools and techniques are selected by the Therapist. We use creative and scientifically researched tools to support our clients their journey of healing, personal development and wellness.

  • Do you need to have experience in Art to take these sessions?

No previous art experience is needed. Art based tools are used as a safe outlet to express and process emotions, which is followed by reflective conversations with the Therapist to gain insight and different perspective.

  • What are the areas that we can support you with?

​Anxiety / Stress Management Relationship challenges Life transitions Loss or trauma Building resilience Self-confidence Breaking bad habits Building emotional regulation Self-care & Personal Development.

  • How many sessions do you need to take?

Needs of each client is different and similarly, Therapy works differently for different people. So its not possible to prescribe a set number of sessions.​

It's a good idea to try out 3 to 4 sessions and see how it is going for you and then decide the way forward.

Keeping this in mind we offer two packages for our clients.

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.
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