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Couples & Families Coaching

Our coaching sessions are designed based on the unique needs of each member.

Making Art

Why Coaching for Couples & Families?

Couples today face heightened issues in their relationship. Symptoms like emotional apathy, stonewalling, physical infidelity, communication breakdown, issues with intimacy and repetitive patterns of negative behaviour, short temper, loneliness, extended family conflicts etc are early pointers to seek support to build your skills to effectively identify and manage the root-causes; including once own skill-gaps.

Going through a rough patch in marriage can be emotionally disturbing and draining for the couples. The partners may feel that they have fallen out of love, and there is no way out. Coaching support can provide the couple with insights about their problems, and help them navigate through the tough phase, by bringing clarity in their relationship.

How our Couple & Family Coaching is Beneficial?

The Family and couple coaching sessions we offer are designed based on the unique needs of each member.


Our speciality is the supportive use of creative expressive arts tools in our coaching sessions which provides a safe and supportive space to connect with their inner self, give voice to their emotions and learn methods to develop needed skills.


Expressive Art therapy tools are gentle, non-intrusive and child-centred.  EAT tools facilitate the expression of thoughts, feelings and memories that may or may not be easily expressed by words. 


Our coaching supports the couples in


  • Explore ideas and patterns of relationships

  • Identify met and unmet needs

  • Managing expectations

  • Work on communication style

  • Boundary setting

  • Conflict resolution

What is our Coaching Process?

Our coaching process helps couples to understand themselves and their partners better using the new skills and ways of both looking at problems and discovering solutions to these problems. The process generally involves the following steps:

  • We will spend the initial part in building a rapport with you and giving you a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere to share your challenges.

  • We will work together to understand the current concerns, explore the relationship in-depth, identify the areas of work, set goals for future sessions.

  • Gain an understanding of the patterns of communication, attachment styles, present triggers, unresolved conflicts, unhealed relational wounds and its impact.

  • After receiving clarity on the length and breadth of the relationship concern,  we will help to identify whether individual sessions will suffice or there is a need for couples or family sessions.

  • Individual sessions are ideally advocated when individual factors like insecurity, anger outbursts, rigid beliefs, unrealistic expectations, inability to regulate emotions, possessiveness, controlling nature impact the interaction or when a previous trauma continues to trigger us in the present and leads to dysfunctional attachment patterns.

  • Couples or family sessions might be needed when two or more people’s communication patterns, belief systems, attachment styles, distress tolerance, needs, expectations, rigid and flexible, the imbalance between intimacy and autonomy, boundaries lead to destructive patterns of codependency, enmeshment, toxic relationships that hurt one or all involved.

  • The Coaching journey will help to chart a course of action and step by step take up each problem area of the relationship like controlling behaviour, personality clashes, lack of space, or autonomy, fair fighting, boundary setting and equip you with skills to resolve conflicts change perspectives, find a middle ground or part amicably.

  • We empower you in your journey to build healthy relationships with the people you love.

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