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Design your Happiness

Isn't it empowering to know that we can make our happiness happen? Researches have shown that it is possible for us to influence our happy brain chemicals by creating habits and bringing in experiences that will up our happiness and overall well being. Lets quickly understand the four primary brain chemicals that affect our happiness, popularly known as DOSE.

  • Dopamine is the 'feel-good' reward chemical which can be stimulated by embracing new goals and celebrating accomplishments. In fact, I prefer to break my goals into smaller milestones and which creates the opportunities for a series of smaller successes and thus keeps the dopamine flowing in my brain.

  • Oxytocin is known as the cuddle or bonding neurochemical which is released by the experience of trust and empathy in close relationships. Trust builds each time expectations are met and so it is important to set expectations which both parties can meet. Meaningful social interactions, working together with others, bonding over lunch, emotional expressions, attentive listening or a kind gesture are some ways we can build oxytocin circuits.

  • Serotonin is another social chemical which flows when we feel important. It is built on recognition and respect received for our accomplishments. It helps to boost our self-worth and self-confidence. It is healthy to train our brain to feel confident in ourselves and focus on our positives.

  • Endorphin is also known as 'runner's high' happens when we exceed our limits. varying exercise routines, laughing or crying can stimulate endorphin.

Choose your new happy habit wisely. When you find something that works repeat it.

Engaging in any creative process of your choice is a healthful habit to develop. Mastering new skills help enhance our self-confidence. Researches reveal that creating art stimulates the release of Dopamine, the feel-good pleasure chemical that contributes to happiness and wellbeing.


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