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Scribble Drawing for Stress Management

We all have our moments of anger, breakdown, frustrations which can emotionally overwhelm us making it difficult to focus and move on.

Scribble drawing is an art therapy tool which has really helped me to relax and focus on ‘here and now’. By engaging in drawing and colouring you divert your mind from worries, fears and negative thoughts, thus take a break from stressful thoughts, helping you to relax and calm down.

So, next time you are overwhelmed, take a break and try this activity. Spend some time drawing slow-moving lines, shapes, patterns and filling the space with colours. This will help you to refocus, calm your nerves and let go of those intense emotions.

How to do scribble drawing:

  • Take a small size of paper and available art supplies like crayons or watercolours or sketch pens.

  • With a marker start making loops, swirls and lines of your choice with lines crossing each other.

  • You can choose to create this initial scribble by either closing your eyes or using your non-dominant hands or without out lifting your hand!

  • Using any art medium of your choice, fill in the different shapes using different colours.

  • Get creative! Consider tracing over the lines to create a picture or an object or fill in the shapes with different repetitive patterns.

The advantage of scribble drawing is that anyone can do it. You don't need to have any drawing skills! It allows us not to worry about what the end drawing will look like. Just move your marker randomly around the paper and your scribble done! Now adorn it with colors, patterns, symbols, shapes and enjoy the process.


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