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Asha Suresh

About us

Aash Creations is a social enterprise offering a safe creative space for learning Art and personal transformation. 

We offer self-development workshops for kids, teenagers and adults, Corporates and Schools through the creative medium of storytelling, drama, visual arts, movement and music.

Expressive Arts Therapy uses various arts—movement, drawing, painting, sculpting, music, writing, sound, and improvisation—in a supportive setting to facilitate growth and development. It is a process of discovering ourselves through any art form that comes from an emotional depth.

Our 'Self Development through Expressive Arts' programs are an opportunity to explore your strengths, express your fears, shed your inhibitions, strengthen your relations and build your confidence. It offers a safe place to process your emotions and thoughts and build your stress management and coping skills.

We also offer regular art skills development programmes for both children and adults with includes regular drawing and painting classes.

Message from Asha

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From an accidental business career into a full-time Artist, then as an Art Coach for all aspiring artists; and now as an Art Therapist.


In retrospection, hot summer of 2012, gifted me adieu to my last corporate career in Professional HR practice with a conglomerate in Middle East - a voluntary sabbatical turned into a life-changing process of self-discovery.  


I am happy that I followed my colour, full of dreams. As thoughts synced with my brush-strokes; each canvas painted were lucidly transforming me. While I experience the power of arts; finding me itself turned out to be my passionate Art; through self-discovery, acceptance and expression. All safely helping me landing to a hitherto unknown horizon of emotional wellbeing and personal growth. It has been an interesting life journey, each experience contributing to who I am today. 

That was the birth of a practising Expressive Art Therapist. A Master’s Degree and an M Phil in Social Work sculpted my skills to a Professional Counsellor. Experiencing and witnessing the power of the creative process on myself and my clients, I got myself certified as an Expressive Art Therapist (EAT). 


As an EAT, I work with children and grown-ups, using various expressive mediums —movement, drawing, painting, music, & writing. It’s been a gratifying experience holding a safe space for my clients through individual and group Expressive Arts sessions. Supporting them to discover and accept unknown aspects of self and to express their feelings leading to personal growth and emotional wellbeing.

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