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Behaviour Competency Transformation

The digital transformation requires underpinning behavioural flexibility of the workforce.

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Why focus on Behavioural Competency?

We offer Behavioral coaching, aiding business transformations, using structured competency development plans.

It is essential for leaders and managers of organizations to know what to change and how to change themselves for a successful transformation. 


Our Coaching Process:


Defining competency expectations, levels and benchmarks.

  • Assessing and recognizing personal behavioural patterns. This is usually done using a well-known and reliable psychometric assessment tool.

  • Identifying de-railing behaviours in the context of the organization or team. This requires the coachee to engage in self-reflection and getting feedback from stakeholders either informally or formally through a 360 survey.

  • Goal setting. What are those behaviours that the coachee would like to modify?

  • Co-creating Action plan. The coach and the coachee together arrive at an action plan for bringing about the behavioural change. This is done by arriving at identifying new behavioural patterns and creating opportunities for practising those. The coach and coachee work closely in this phase to continuously assess and review specific instances of when the individual was able to practice the desired behaviour and when not.

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