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Individual Career Coaching

Career coaching helps build your personal and career brand.


Why Career Coaching?

We offer one-on-one meeting tailored to fit your personality and schedule. Through our personalized programs, you’ll develop greater self-awareness into what’s holding you back, what’s getting in your way, and what you can do about it.

Our Career Coaching helps to:

  • Gain the clarity and courage to ignite positive change..

  • Define and build your personal career brand.

  • Understanding your career drivers and explore your values, interests, skills, and personality through assessments and coaching.

  • Identify your goals – how far do you want to go in your career.

  • Pinpoint your talents, skills and expertise and make a plan on how to further develop them.

  • Identify what other skills (both technical and soft) you need to develop in order to succeed.

  • Identify what relationships inside and outside of work you need to create and develop (and how to do this) in order to get the exposure, support, mentoring and recognition, necessary for your success.

  • Identify and work on issues that might be a blind spot, or that hold you back from being your best self, because career development means pushing yourself to become better in all areas of your work and life.

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