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Do you struggle with Managing your Anger?

Have you felt at the mercy of anger? When angry before you know things get out of control? Screaming at your children, partner, slamming the door, breaking things are a few forms of anger outburst.

Managing anger is one of the common challenges that I work on with my clients. Anger is often referred to as negative emotion and as children many of us have not been trained to express our anger in a constructive way and so most of us end up suppressing our anger. By suppressing or ignoring our anger, we are denying ourselves the benefit of addressing the real cause of our anger. It can also add to our stress thus affecting our emotional and physical well-being.

Anger management is about finding a balance between “ripping out’ and suppressing our difficult emotions and that’s where I have found Art Therapy tools to be powerful. Art therapy provides a safe and non-threatening way to express and explore difficult emotions.

Through making art, we can channel our anger into a productive outlet, rather than letting it build up inside. The creative process can also help to regulate emotions by providing a sense of control and mastery.

Click here to download zero cost Art Therapy Directive Workbook tp "Express and Explore your Anger."

Anger Management Part 1
Download PDF • 2.41MB

The process of making art helps my clients to gain insight into the underlying causes of their anger. The reflective conversation that follows after art making process helps them to identify patterns and triggers that contribute to their anger. Based on this insight we work together to develop coping strategies and alternative ways of expressing themselves.

Overall, art therapy can be a powerful tool in managing anger by providing a safe and creative outlet for expression, regulating emotions, and gaining insight into the underlying causes of anger.

If you feel that you get angry too frequently or too easily, it will be worthwhile to invest some time to explore and understand the reasons. If you think that some professional support will be beneficial to dig deeper and understand your emotions and triggers; and develop helpful coping strategies, feel welcomed to DM me. I offer one on one online coaching for Emotional Regulation and Stress Management for both adults and children


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