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Journaling Prompt for Cultivating Joy : Free Download

Last weekend we started with our "Creative Journaling" series workshop. My heartfelt gratitude to all the participants who joined the workshop.

Journaling many a times get restricted to narrating the incidents of the day. The intention of the Creative Journaling Series is to take this practice a step further ie to encourage journaling habit as a self-care wellness tool and to support participants with creative reflective prompts.

The theme of our last workshop was “Connecting with our inner self”.The prompts were designed based on Art therapy tools to help the participants connect with their emotions, explore and identify their limiting beliefs and also focus on their strengths and accomplishments.

Limiting beliefs about ourselves holds us back from pursuing things that we want to do. Many a times, we are not aware of these negative thoughts that is being repeatedly played in our head. The first step towards letting go of these limiting beliefs is to become aware of them, understand where it is stemming from and how badly it is affecting our wellbeing.

Identifying, acknowledging and accepting our emotions, thoughts, beliefs and behaviour patterns can be empowering and it gives us the confidence to make the changes that we want.

Journaling is an effective tool to increase self-awareness. Researches and personal experiences support this. Journaling helps to process past events, heal from them, and ultimately not allow them to negatively affect us anymore. We will be continuing our Creative Journaling series. To be part of this journey, click here.

Feel welcomed to download "Cultivating Joy" journaling prompt to include in your journaling practice. This activity/ prompt can be used at-least once every week and can be done by anyone.

Journal Prompt Cultivating Joy
Download PDF • 1.57MB


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