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Observation Drawing for kids

Observation drawing is sketching what you see as realistically as possible. Also, called ‘drawing from life’, this practice not only helps to improve drawing skills but also develops concentration and attention to details.  Children begin to observe closely details like shapes, colors and texture to record what they see.

A good way to start practicing observation drawing with children is to:

- Ask them to get a thing from their room which they would like to draw.

- Set it on the table along with art supplies.

- Beginners can start with observing and identifying the shapes and lines by running a finger around the object.

- Draw the outlines and then encourage them to add in the details, colors and shades.

- Encourage their efforts, avoid being critical, support with gentle suggestions.

It’s a good way to help children, express what they see and think. Attempting something new also boost their confidence.

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