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What are your "Glimmers?"

Glimmers are opposite of triggers. When we are triggered, our brain associates past trauma as happening now. Our body and mind go into a highly alert mode. Our sympathetic nervous system is activated. Being in this triggered state too frequently or for too long has adverse effect on our physical and mental wellbeing.

Glimmers are the micro moments in our day that spark a sense joy and wellbeing. They send safety cues to our nervous system which helps to evoke inner calm.

When we experience a glimmer, it stimulates our vagus nerve which activates our parasympathetic nervous system. It moves our body into ventral vagal state ie into a feeling of safety, connection & calmness.

While it is relatively easier to identify our triggers, it may require some conscious reflection to discover our glimmers. Glimmer moments may seem small and insignificant, but savouring these moments can help us to be resilient when we are feeling low.

So, reflect on your day, and think of at-least three things that made you feel happy, calm or safe. Examples : smell of brewing coffee, enjoying the sunset, , feel of wind on your cheeks, hugging your partner, hot chocolate, cuddling your pet, doodling, humming, hot shower, nature walk.

Be aware of your glimmers and infuse these moments of safety and calm into your day.

Here is an Art based directive to reflect and discover our Glimmers;


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