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Wheel of Life: Enhancing Art Therapy Sessions

Art therapy is a dynamic and transformative practice, and as an Art Therapist, I've found that incorporating the "Wheel of Life" assessment adds a valuable dimension to my sessions. This powerful coaching tool, designed by the late Paul J. Meyer, provides a visual representation of various life categories, allowing clients to assess their satisfaction levels. In the realm of art therapy, it serves as a canvas for self-reflection and positive change.

Benefits of Integrating the Wheel of Life in Art Therapy:

1. Holistic Insight: The Wheel of Life encompasses eight essential life categories, including health, relationships, and personal growth. This holistic view empowers clients to explore the interconnectedness of their experiences and emotions.

2. Visual Representation: For many clients, the visual aspect of the Wheel of Life is particularly impactful. Creating a visual representation through art allows for a non-verbal expression of emotions, fostering a deeper understanding of their life balance.

3. Identifying Areas for Artistic Exploration: As an art therapist, I encourage clients to use the wheel as a starting point for artistic expression. For example, if a client rates their emotional health low, we might explore this theme through various art mediums, helping them externalise and process their emotions.

Steps to Incorporate the Wheel of Life in Art Therapy:

1. Introduction and Explanation: Begin by introducing the Wheel of Life concept, explaining its purpose in gaining a comprehensive view of life satisfaction.

2. Artistic Creation: Invite clients to translate their Wheel of Life onto a canvas or paper through art. This could involve drawing, painting, or collage work, allowing for a personalised and creative expression of their current life balance.

3. Reflection and Discussion: After the artistic creation, engage in a reflective discussion. Ask clients about their artistic choices, colours, and symbols used. This dialogue provides valuable insights into their emotional landscape.


The Wheel of Life in art therapy serves as a springboard for ongoing exploration and transformation. It's not a one-time assessment but a tool that can be revisited, allowing clients to track their progress and set new goals. Through this process, clients gain a deeper understanding of their emotional well-being and actively participate in their journey toward a more fulfilling life.The integration of the Wheel of Life into art therapy enriches the therapeutic experience, offering a structured yet flexible approach to self-discovery and personal growth. As an art therapist, I continue to witness the positive impact of this tool, fostering a collaborative and empowering environment for my clients to explore, express, and evolve.

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