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Why Expressing Emotions is important?

Expressing emotions helps us to ease its grip over our wellbeing. Dr. Edmund Bourne, author of The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook, warns that suppressing our feelings might cause anxiety, depression, headache, high blood pressure and more.

Expressing our emotions, helps us to see the problem in a new light, making it easier to resolve the issue.

We can never control our feelings, but one way to manage them is to talk about our feelings, preferably in a safe space. Talking about your feelings is not to be considered as a sign of weakness, but instead this will help us to be stronger emotionally and physically.

Some do's to consider for healthy expression of your emotions:

  • Check in with yourself to name the emotions you are experiencing: "Am I angry or frustrated?

  • What has triggered this emotion in me?

  • When you talk about your feelings, explain the intensity of what you are experiencing: "I Am feeling extremely sad."

  • Use "I" messages. "I feel _________ when__________"

  • Take responsibility for your emotions, without blaming others for their behaviour. For eg, "I felt angry when you blamed me." instead of "You are always blaming me."

Using "I" messages is a very effective way to express yourself to own up your feelings and not be judgmental about the other person.


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