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Size: 20" H x 16" W, 1.5" Depth

Medium: Acrylics on Canvas

Painted : 2017

Category: Floral

Conditions: Original art painting signed by the Artist




Happiness Bloom

SKU: 22
  • "When flowers bloom, so does Hope" - Lady Bird Johnson


    Flowers symbolises happiness. They can bring smile on a tired face and lift the blues. They convey the message of hope. Its delicate soft feel, bright colors and sweet aroma give out joyful and happy vibrations.


    Painting "Happiness Bloom" has been a satisfying creative experience. Bright colors and soft and creamy texture of the oil paints complimented the hopefulness of blooming flowers, buds and leaves.


    The artwork along with Certificate of Authenticity will be shipped via Emirates Post.





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